About Us

Global Renewables is a privately-owned and operated Australian company which provides sustainable, high technology solutions for household waste management and avoids the significant environmental problems that are caused by the landfilling of waste.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to pave the way to a wasteless society by transforming household waste into desirable products.

Global Renewables has developed over many years a unique Australian expertise in creating and recovering valuable products from municipal solid waste for the local communities’ beneficial use. Global Renewables’ Eastern Creek UR-3R Facility currently processes around 15% of Sydney’s household waste.

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Eastern Creek UR-3R Facility is the largest AWT facility in the southern hemisphere with 220,000 tonnes of household waste processed each year.


Over 200,000 t CO2-e of emissions are avoided each year – equivalent to taking over 46,000 cars of the road.


Eastern Creek Facility Upgrade

At Global Renewables, we’re embarking on a transformative journey that redefines waste management, sustainability, and community 

Our proposed Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) facility upgrade at the Eastern Creek Resource Recovery facility is more than a project – it’s a commitment to a greener, more vibrant future.

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Did you know...

Around 80% of all consumers’ purchases in developed countries are disposed of within 6 months.

Australia ranks 2nd behind the USA in terms of domestic waste generation per person.

Although Australians recycle 50% of their waste, 20 million tonnes are lost to landfill every year.

In Australia, landfill produces 11 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and continues to contaminate land and groundwater.