Good neighbour policy

Global Renewables aims to be a good neighbour to its local community. To minimize any inconvenience, measures have been taken since the beginning of the project and were incorporated into the design of the Eastern Creek UR-3R Facility:

  • Noise and odour suppression was incorporated into the design of the facility. All operations other than organic maturation take place inside buildings to reduce the impact of noise on the local community, reduce the production of dust and minimise the release of fugitive odour. Odour is managed through the negative aeration of the buildings with the dirty air passing through a biofilter prior to release into the atmosphere.
  • Machinery and areas that have the potential to generate dust have been fitted with dust suppression equipment.
  • The buildings themselves were designed to minimise the visual impact of the operation by concealing the process and processing equipment in buildings of a similar appearance to neighbouring premises.

In addition to these design features, there are communication measures that have also been adopted:

  • A community consultation process is in place to provide a forum through which any concerns about the site can be addressed. The Community Advisory Committee includes local residents, representatives from local industry and Councils. Click here to view the WAMC website.
  • A 24 hour telephone number (02 9677 3120) is available to take complaints from the local community and this information is shared with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Community involvement and sponsorships

Sustainability is not a mere marketing concept for Global Renewables. It reflects the way business is performed according to the company’s core values.

The nature of what we do and the way we do it are both linked directly to the sustainability of the society we live in. This makes the environmental and social impact of our facilities, an integral driver of our work.

  • Tour de Kids
    Global Renewables is a regular supporter of teams participating in the Tour de Kids (which raises funds for the
    Starlight foundation). The event has been running for 10 years. Last year, some of the funds we contributed to were used to renovate the Starlight Express Room at Royal Randwick Children Hospital.
  • One80 TC
    Global Renewables supports this not-for-profit organisation, established in 1977 to provide long-term residential treatment and rehabilitation services for young men (aged 18-35) wanting to overcome addiction and other life controlling issues. One80TC have been operating over thirty five years throughout Sydney metropolitan area and greater NSW including rural regions like Mudgee, Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow and more. In addition to rehabilitative services, participants are encouraged to integrate back into the community and prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce or gain further education.


Our belief is that as the people, producers, and legislators understand which materials are not recyclable, they will hopefully reduce the amount of those materials available to purchase and are therefore in the waste stream.

Consumer education is a key factor to changing consumer purchasing habits, to help them become more selective in the packaging and products in order to help us manage responsibly and efficiently household waste in our urban societies.

To do so, Global Renewables’ Eastern Creek UR-3R Facility serves both as a recycling plant and an educational centre with guided tours to teach consumers about the gritty details of waste recovery and recycling. We participate with our partner SITA and local councils in our commitment to the education of the general public on sustainability issues through visitors? days and community education programmes.

We have also developed a partnership with TAFE Illawarra to welcome at our Facility students from 4 to 6 courses of CERT II, III, and IV in Waste or Asset Management. The objective of these visits is to demonstrate resource recovery and waste minimisation in action.