Water & emissions

The design of the Eastern Creek UR-3R Facility minimises water and energy use:

  • The facility promotes sustainable water use through rain water use. The roof of each building has been designed as catchment areas for rain water which is then stored in tanks for use on site. Storm water from pavement runoff is also captured for use in the process, further reducing the need for the addition of town water.
  • The Eastern Creek UR-3R Facility operates under the AWT Methodology, under the Australian Government Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) for the reduction of emissions due to composting the organic material and reducing its methane generating potential. The carbon credits generated by the facility are Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) and are sold.

Resources recovery and impact of recycling

Global Renewables business model maximises energy conservation and resource recovery through:

  • diverting resources away from landfill (like paper, plastic and metal) so that they may be reused and recycled thereby helping close the resource loop.